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Loop Carpeting

Loop carpeting is just like it sounds:  the fibers are left as loops, and not sheared.  These carpets are available in a wide variety of fibers, styles and colors.  Loop carpets work great in most rooms of the home, but are especially popular in  family rooms.


Plush/Pile Carpeting

Plush carpets have fibers of uniform length and  are available in a huge variety of styles.  They are known for being warm, thick and soft – and add an air of luxury to most rooms!



Combining heights, loops and cut piles into one carpet to create beautiful patterns and feels.  Most work very well in high traffic areas, and are currently a very popular choice.



These carpets  feature a dominant color, flecked with complimentary colors.  Styles range from very subtle fleck to heavy fleck.  Especially appreciated for their ability to look good in between vacuuming!


Naturals & Exotics

Natural Carpets are comprised of wools and sisals.  Beautiful and durable, they are also an eco-friendly option.    Exotics are traditionally superior quality carpets, featuring animal and unique prints.  Both Naturals and Exotics are commonly used to create custom bound pieces, but also look beautiful in a wall to wall installation.


Area Rugs & Runners

At American Floor we can create a custom sized rug from most any carpet.  A designer favorite is our wide selection of Kane and Stanton carpets.  In styles from traditional to abstract and contemporary, they add elegance and originality.

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