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Laminate Flooring - For Beauty, Affordability, Durability & Ease

An increasingly popular flooring option, laminate is usually constructed of four layers.  The bottom layer is the backing, and it is a stablizing layer.  The core layer is usually made of medium or high density fiber board that is designed to handle footfalls and impacts.  The decorative layer is actually a very high quality photograph, and that layer is sealed with a resin coating, which makes it extremely resistant and durable.  The majority of laminates are made to resemble woods, but they can be found in other natural styles.

Laminate Flooring has some very distinct characteristics & advantages, including:

ease of installation & maintenance, subfloor flexibility and more.


We feature all major brands of laminate, and stock our most popular styles.


We offer free measurements, consultations & quotes - no strings attached.


We serve both retail & contractors.


We have our own installers.


Advantages & Characteristics
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